Bureau de Change – Wielopole

Bureau de change ‘Merkury’ has been a part of Krakow’s currency market since 1996. In accordance with the law, our activity is licensed by the National Bank of Poland.

Our business is located in an excellent location in Krakow. Thebureau de change is located at 10 and 16 Wielopole Street.

As a result of our long-standing presence on the currency market, our brand is held in high regard not only in Krakow, but also across Poland. In a matter of years we have managed to build a secure base of loyal customers, including individuals and organizations. Our clients choose us for our high level of professionalism and security.

Bureau de change Merkury at 10 and 16 Wielopole Street comprises a professional team of staff, made up of skilled communicators with a knowledge of foreign languages. Our staff have completed all required training courses, for example onthe prevention of money laundering or the detection of fake currency.

Thanks to many years of experience, we can guarantee:

  • Selling and buying rates based on the best exchange rates
  • A private, secure space for the comfortable and discreet exchange of larger sums
  • Discreet and professional service
  • Upon the customer’s request– service at the bank
  • Car parking spaces in the direct vicinity of the bureau the change
  • Provision of proof of purchase/sale of currency, issued for the bearer, business, or individual
  • We also buy coins and preciousmetals in all forms. We guarantee valuation free of charge.

We specialise in currency exchange and purchase of coins. Our bureau de change at 10 and 16 Wielopole Street is characterised by trustworthiness and competence, as we hire highly qualified staff with the best skillset. We purchase bars of gold and other precious metals across Poland, and we base our cooperation with our clients on mutual trust and honesty.

We do not charge commission!