Currency Exchange Rates in Krakow – Wielopole Street

Currency exchange rates are based on a currency’s supply and demand. The factors that play a role are mainly trade turnover, exchange of services and the country’s currency politics.This is very important and considering all this you will always find stable and fair exchange rates at our bureau de change at 16 Wielopole Street. We offerhighly professional service and unproblematic, flexible financial contracts. We pay particular attention to the standards of the services we offer and the security of transactions. Bureau de change Merkury guarantees the highest quality of services offered. We provide the best and most precise exchange rates in Krakow. Our clientele is not limited to the citizens of Krakow – we offer services to customers from across the country. Our exchange rates are always up-to-date, which is why we can offer the best prices. Thanks to our long-standing presence on the market, we have not only gained countless satisfied customers, but we can also offer the most competitive exchange rates.


USA USD 100 389 395
IZRAEL ILS 100 95 110
RUMUNIA RON 100 80 100
NORWEGIA NOK 100 29 35
CZECHY CZK 100 16.8 17.5
DANIA DKK 100 49 57
SZWECJA SEK 100 35.5 37
KANADA CAD 100 284 290
JAPONIA JPY 100 2.5 2.9
ANGLIA GBP 100 496 502
EUROPA EUR 100 423 429
UKRAINA UAH 100 9 12
SZWAJCARIA CHF 100 427 433
WĘGRY HUF 100 1.06 1.14
BUŁGARIA BGN 100 200 230
AUSTRALIA AUD 100 257 263

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