Foreign currency gold in Krakow

Crude gold in the form of bars or coins is also known as investment gold, or foreign currency gold.Krakow is one of the many places where you can exchange currency for this bullion. It is an exceptional investment product, which, under Polish tax law, is exempt from VAT and capital gains tax, also known in Poland as ‘Belka’s tax’. You can exchange gold at our bureau de change Merkury. We offer help, advice, and security during the transaction, so gold exchange only happens in person – gold currency trade is not possible online. We also purchase and sell gold coins and other investment numismatic items. The price of foreign currency gold in Krakow is based on the current price of the bullion on the national market. The transaction takes place using Polish currency, and the sale can only be made in person at our bureau de change by an adult person.

We invite you to take advantage of our gold currency exchange offer.

SKUP METALI SZLACHETNYCH – Purchasing prices for precious metals

SKUP ZŁOTYCH MONET I SZTABEK – Purchasing prices for gold coins and bars

*PODANA CENA JEST CENĄ NETTO – The given price is the net price.

** WSZELKIE ZŁOTO O INNEJ PRÓBIE SKUPUJEMY W PRZELICZENIU DO PRÓBY 585  – Gold of any other fineness is purchased at rates calculated based on a millesimal fineness of 585